Saturday, April 14, 2012

Win a Battle Force or a Troop Box! (from Dark Future Games)

So the guys over at Dark Future games are running a cool little contest at Adepticon this year wherein you buy them drinks for a chance at getting free stuff. So to help get my fellow Michiganders well and truly drunk I'm spreading the word. (I also get entered into a contest for free shit by doing so, so it's not totally altruistic of me)
Anyway here's the rules, yo.

The official rules of the Adepticon Battle Force Contest: 

If you purchase a drink (we prefer alcohol, but regular drinks are welcome) for a member of the Dark Future Games Staff wearing a shirt with the image above, you will earn an entry in our raffle for a battle force of the winners choosing (or an equal value in GW merch - current stuff only).

There is no limit to the amount of times a person can enter. (yes, you can buy us a case of beer too and receive an entry for each one!)

A member of DFG may not refuse the drink and must enter your name. If he is taking part in an event, he may pass the drink to a member who is not playing.

Will will choose the winner the Monday following Adepticon and mail out the prize as soon as we get our hands on what the winner wants!

So if you see these guys go ahead and buy them a drink. I know I will!

Here's the link to their blog post for any further info...


  1. Good game with you man, maybe next time I'll be more on task for your angels! Thanks for the post!

  2. Yeah, great game!

    You're welcome about the post. I'll make sure to buy you a drink next weekend.

    1. Also, congrats on best painted. Your army looks great and your contemptor actually changed my mind about the model. I never really liked it based on pics on the internet, but yours looked great (both of them!)

    2. Thanks! The contemptor doesn't translate well off the forgeworld website for some reason. I was the same way and just impulse bought one one day and the day I got it in the mail I bought another.

      Hopefully I'll see you guys at adepticon and locally in the future. Keep us posted if you guys do any events and we'll try to make it to your neck of the woods.

      I plan on going to the battle creek tourny in May too, if you guys are going to make the road trip. I'll have my silly table-or-tie wolves list just for the fun of it.