Sunday, April 15, 2012

Test of Khaine Tournament Wrap-up

Yesterday my friends James, Yancy and I traveled out to Evolution Games in Lansing for the 2nd annual Test of Khaine tournament put on by Seer Karandras of Craftworld Lansing. The tournament was 3 rounds using battle points and was 1850pts.

I brought along my Knights of Blood using the list I am planning on taking to Adepticon this upcoming weekend. Here's the list I brought

2x 10 man assault squads with 2x melta and power fist
1x 10 man assault squad with 2x melta and power weapon
5x scout squad with sniper rifles and camo cloaks
Death Company with 3x bolters, 1x bolter and power fist and 2x power swords in a
Land Raider with extra armor and multi-melta

Game one saw me paired up on table 4 with CVinton of Dark Future Games. He was playing his great looking Space Wolves (good enough to win best in show!) His list was as Follows

Bjorn the Fell Handed with Assault cannon
Wolf Lord on thunderwolf with Frost Weapon and Thunder Shield and Saga of the Bear
Thunderwolf Cavalry x4 all with strom shields 1 with a Thunder Hammer
3x  Wolfguard with Combi-meltas and power fists

3x 9man Grey Hunters Pack with Flamer, Mark of the Wulfen and Wolf Standard in a Rhino
2x Long Fang Pack with 5x missile Launcher

The first mission used Kill Points for the primary objective. The secondary objective was to have an HQ unit controlling an objective in the center of the table, and the tertiary was to have more units in your opponents deployment zone at the end of the game.

This game was really close with me winning the primary 6 kill points to 4. He got the secondary by having his Wolf Lord controlling the objective at the center of the table uncontested and we drew the tertiary by having an equal amount of units in each others deployment zones. There were a few key moments that really pushed this game in my favor. One was when Mephiston broke and ran from combat when my side lost a large multi-assault that contained Bjorn (which was still going when the game ended!) As Meph was falling back he moved his Wolf lord in position to make sure he kept running, but I was able to tank shock the Wold Lord away and used the position of the LR and some impassable terrain to keep the wolf lord from being able to get back within 6" so meph could re-group next turn getting him back in the fight and denying my opponent the kill point. The other big moment was when my last two Death Company managed to get a glancing hit on Bjorn (only stunned him, damned venerable dreads!) and his T.wolves whiffed. The wolves then having lost combat failed leadership and ran off the board.

Chris was using a Forgeworld Contemptor dreadnought to represent Bjorn and I have to say I know like the model. I never really liked the way they looked based on pics on the internet, but after seeing his all painted up and looking great I must say I have changed my mind. Not enough to get one, but I no longer dislike the model.

My second game was against a player named Matt aka BigMek SkrapKlaw and his Orks. He also had a very nice looking army. I know I've mentioned it before, but I really love playing against great looking armies, it just makes the games that much more enjoyable.

This mission had us picking one unit from either Elite, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support to be our chosen target to be killed/destroyed as our primary objective. For the secondary we needed to kill the highest point HQ and table quarters was the tertiary. In this game my dice abandoned me completely. This is not to take anything away from my opponent as he played a very solid game, but with my dice in this one I never stood much of a chance. Hopefully if I run into him again someday my dice will allow me to give him a better run for his money.

His list was as follows
Big Mek with Burna, KFF, Eavy Armor Cybork body, and boss pole
Warboss with power klaw, combi-skorcha, eavy armor, boss pole and cybork body
10 Nobz all wound allocated out in a Trukk with red paint job and reinforced ram
19 ard boyz, nob with power klaw and boss pole
2x 20 shoota boyz nob with power klaw and boss pole and 2x big shootas
2x single Deff Kopta with TL rokkit launcha
2 Deff Koptas with 2x rokkit launch and 1x buzzsaw
3x Battle Wagons with red paint job, reinforced ram, big shoota and Kannon

I chose one of his battle wagons as my target and he had to select my priest as it was the only available option. Deployment was Dawn of war. As a side note I wound up playing on the same table as game one.
In this game I made a mistake early and misjudged how big of an assault range orks in a battle wagon really have and he was able to assault the priests squad and take him out pretty early with his 'Ard boyz. Next turn I joined the assault with another unit and this combat would last until the final turn of the game when I finally won it with 2 marines left. Insanity! I did manage to get the battle wagon to tie the primary. It was a close thing. I flew Mephiston over towards the battle wagon, then ran him (luckily a full 6") after the Land Raider whifffed and attempted to assault it. It was so close that we couldn't tell and neither of us had a tac template to make sure. Matt offered to give it to me on a 4+ which sounded like a reasonable proposition to me and was shocked when 5 pips appeared. Meph managed to destroy it and then the game ended. We actually tied the tertiary as well since all quarters were contested. In the end I had two assault marines, 2 scouts, Meph with only two wounds and the Land Raider sans multi-melta.

The final round saw me draw my buddy James, again on table #4. This time I asked if I could play on a different table! The mission was a bit wonky. We placed a single objective in the center of the table which had to be captured and then taken off the table. The secondary was seize ground which we rolled 3 objectives with the tertiary being kill points. James was rocking a triple death star list that looked something like this:

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf mount with Saga of the Bear, storm shield and frost weapon (I think)
Rune Priest with Jaws and Murderess Hurricane
Wolf guard Termies in a Land Raider Redeemer
3x Thunderwolf Cav all with storm shields, one with thunder hammer one with melta bombs
2x Grey Hunters in rhinos with Mark, Standard, melta and wolf guard with combi and p. fist
Long Fangs with 3x missile launchers and 2x lascannons

This mission used spearhead deployment. We both deployed right to the front of our deployment zones and made a mad dash to the middle of the table. We basically just fought it out in the center of the table and when the dust settled I had come out on top of the combat. I grabbed the objective and ran, managing to get it off the table edge on turn 5. That's when the game ended. I had won the primary and we drew the secondary when I only rolled a 1 for my scouts to try to capture a seize ground objective that would've given me the win. I managed to come out on top in kill points to win the tertiary as well. This was a fun battle that was really close and could have easily gone the other way.

Overall I had a really fun day and some really great games. I look forward to the next time I get the chance to get out there for some games with those guys.


  1. Nice batreps! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. How is running 2 SC's at 1850 working out for you? Internet wisdom(oxymoron right!?!) would bash you for doing it, but you seem to have done alright at the tourny. I haven't done it with BA, but I've had some success in other armies with multiple SC's

    1. It seems to do pretty well when I stick to a plan. I haven't been playing it long so don't have many games in with it yet. This tournament was a test run for it so we'll see how it goes at Adepticon. Normally I agree with the internet wisdom on SC's but each of these guys brings sooner additional buffs to the army. Mephiston brings psychic defense and the Sanguinor has theed aura of fervor and buffs one of the sergeants.

  2. Well it's certainly an unorthodox list, but I look forward to seeing how you do with it. On a side note, what do your scout look like? I've got a squad on the workbench and have started trying to envision how blood knight scouts should look

  3. Well since my bases are the cobblestones I decided to go with a grey camouflage scheme on their cloaks to blend in with the ruins and rubble. What little bit of armor plating is showing I do have is in the boltgun metal, but since I wash the whole thing with Gryphon Sepia that takes most of the shine out of it. Their clothes are mostly just blacks and greys. I'm gonna try and find the time to post pics of the army I'll be taking. If so you'll be able to see them there, but I don't know if I'll have time before adepticon to get it done!