Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Death Star's Better Than Your Deathstar

I don't really plan on doing in depth battle reports for my games from Adepticon, but there are a few highlight moments I want to share. As the title would suggest these revolve around tough units battling it out vs. each other.

The first is from my very first game of the weekend. I was battling against an all foot Dark Eldar list with a webway portal. We danced around each other a bit while awaiting his forces to arrive from reserves. When they finally did we got in a couple of classic scrums. Firstly his beast pack with a bunch of Razorwing flocks and some Chymera charged into the Sanguinor. The Sanguinor took it like a champ and I followed up by counter assaulting with an assault squad and Mephiston. They cut through the beasts like a hot knife through butter. Later in the game I charged his Archon with the Sanguinor. I didn't really expect to win this fight, but to my after some crappy dice I managed to cause two wounds on the Archon. He was rocking a shadow field so I figured that wasn't enough but what do you know the first die he dropped was a one and due to furious charge the Sanguinor doubled him out!

I'm gonna keep this one brief but in the 3rd game the Sanguinor did it again. This time it was against Baron Sathonyx. Once again he failed his 2+ invulnerable save on the first die rolled.  I ended up losing both of those games but those were some fun and surprising moments.

The most fun ones came in the Team Tournament though. In the third game I was paired up with Christian. He was using the Sanguinor and I was using Astorath the Grim. We did some early dancing with our opponents who had Lysander buried in a squad of 10 thunder hammer/storm shield Terminators with 5 more bringing up the rear. At about turn three they moved up into what I knew was charge range. We moved in the Sanguinor and the Death Company moved up and piled out of their Land Raider while Astorath jumped over to join them. Christian was looking at me like I was crazy since I only had five members in the DC, but I knew with 2 power weapons and 2 power fists that it was enough. We charged in with the DC and both special Characters. The Sanguinor charged straight into Lysander while the DC all based the terminators. When the dust settled from the first round of combat there wasn't a single terminator left and Lysander had taken two wounds while we only lost 3 of the DC. They then counter charged with the 5 man termy squad and dragged in the remaining sergeant and a sanguinary priest from a nearby assault squad. When the dust settled from that the Sanguinor and one power fist DC walked away from the fight. While there wasn't a model in terminator armor left on the table. We went on to lose this game to some late game objective grabs by our opponents, but man what a fun combat!

Finally, in the final game of the TT I got to test the DC's mettle against none other than Lord Kalder Draigo and his Paladin cronies. I was playing with Murray, who was running Dante. We used Dante's curse on Draigo (duh!) knocking him down 1 WS, 1 Initiative, 1 wound and 1 attack. On turn two I got my chance and I unloaded the DC from the Land Raider again and moved Astorath up to join them. I charged Astorath right into Draigo and let the DC charge the Paladins. I was a little worried on this one due to the halberds, but decided to try it anyway. Astorath swung first landing 3 hits on Draigo and wounded with all of them. I told my opponent that he would have to re-roll successful invulnerable saves figuring I would get 1 or 2 through, but he rolled two 1's and a 2! Bam! Draigo punked! then his halberds whiffed killing only the bolter DC which meant no wound allocation shenanigans for my opponent against the power weapons. I ended up killing all but one of the paladins, though he got all but one of my DC in return. Then next round he counter charged with some regular terminators, but due to a bad terrain roll was only able to swing against Astorath and I made all his invulnerable saves. Then I counter-counter charged with an assault squad and a priest. Combined they managed to wipe out the last paladin and all of the terminators, though the final death company member did finally die.

These were some amazing fights and show just how powerful even a small Death Company can be if used well and combined with some of the other tricks in the BA codex. So how about you, got any good stories like this you'd like to share?


  1. Great Stories! I have one that comes to mind. I had 7 TH/SS Terminators in a LRC with Vulkan and after their LR got popped by some Blasters and Dark Lances, 5 Terminators got punked by 2 Shattershards. I ended up charging the 2 Haemonculi and losing the last 2 terminators and not killing anything. in the subsequent turns Vulkan killed both Haemonculi, the Baron, 2 full units of Wyches and a small squad of Blaster Truborn.

    I lost the game as Vulkan was all I had left on the table (in a kill points mission), but he did bring me within 2 KP of my opponent.

    1. Nice! It's fun when a character or unit goes nuts in a game. It can sometimes save an otherwise terrible game. You may still lose, but at least you'll have the stories and laughs of how that one guy kicked some butt!

  2. I ALWAYS botched my shadowfield rolls and that was even in the days of the old codex. In the dozens of games with that item I think I only ever saved twice. I had just horrid luck with that wargear then. I imagine if I played the new codex, the luck would carry over. Stupid shadowfield 1's.