Monday, April 23, 2012

Pictures from Adepticon: 40k Championships

I played in the 40k championships this weekend. I couldn't get pics of all the armies in attendance, as there were just so many of them, but here's a good number of them. 

As for me I went 1-3 on the day. I had 4 very fun games against some great guys. I was obviously hoping to do better than that in my games, but that's the way the dice tumble sometimes. What was very cool, though was my paint score. For those who don't know Adepticon's rubric, each army is scored 1-42. If you get a 42 you can then qualify for up to 3 more discretionary points. Last year I got a 38 and was quite proud of it. This year I was hoping to up that to around 40 or so. I did more than that. I actually qualified for the discretionary points and ended up with a 43, just 2 points away from max points! This blew me away! 
Anyway, on to the pics....

These next pictures are of my 3rd game. They are the only pics I have of any of my games all weekend. (The camera just plain got forgotten once the dice hit the table.) In this game though my opponent Jeff also qualified for the discretionary points so I had to get a few extra pics of his army in action!

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  1. Waaaaaaow! That's alot of pictures... I wanna go next year!

    The pictures on the tiger skin blanket confused me for a little bit then I realized what was going on there and chuckled.

    Also, you'd think I'd have been desensitized to pink Necrons by now... but I still laughed out loud.