Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Team Tournament results (finally)

Okay, so I was gonna try mobile blogging from the team tournament, but clearly I had no idea what I was doing. As such, it didn't work. So I am finally gonna just throw up a quick report of the results.

Long story short it didn't go too well.

The tournament used a Battle Point system, with each mision having a primary, secondary and tertiary objective.

Game one saw Nate and I paired up against Austin and Dave and their Tyranid horde. Swarmlord, a winged hive tyrant, two tervigons, two termagant squads, two hormaguant squads, some ymgarls, a couple of venomthropes, and some tyrant guard. Almost no shooting on the board whatsoever!

At deployment each team was given two objective markers to be placed with any unit in the army, deployment was long table edges. So the mission was to have more units containing the objective markers completely within your opponents deployment zone. Secondary mission was to control the center of the table, with bonus battle points for having an HQ within 3" of it, and the tertiary objective was victory points, needing 200+ more to win.

Not much involved here, two CC armies that just basically ran at each other for a good old scrum in the middle of the table. In the end we tied the primary 0-0 (though we were about 1" from getting ours in!), we also tied the secondary objective. They had the swarmlord about 1-2" out from the center while we had Mephiston staning right on it. We barely squeeked out a win in the tertiary by 245pts. A very minor win for us (and the only one of the day.) Austin and Dave went on to win the tournament. Congrats to them. Ours was a hard fought battle and I think if it would have gone another turn we would probably have lost!

Our second game saw us facing off against a mech BA, razorspam list. 6 las/plas razorbacks with a 5 man ASM squad with flamer in each, 2 librarians with shield and something, 3 Baal Predators with Asscannon and HB sponsons, two Auto-las predators and a Furioso Librarian.

The mission used the dawn of war deployment, and had four objectives (1 per player). Primary was objectives, cant remember what the secondary was, and I think the third was victory points.

Our opponents this time were a couple of guys I had never met before named Eric and 'Biggs' (I could be wrong about this there have been several days and many beers since!) This game was really fun and hard fought. In the early turns things seemed to be going really well for Nate and I, but around turn 4 the worm turned. Once the battle shifted, it went downhill for us quickly. In the end the game went 7 turns, just long enough for them to finish tabling us. So with that ending any chance for us to place in the tournament it was time for beer!

Game three saw us paired up with Mike and Mark. Mike is a regular out at the barn and Mark is a guy he knows from Kalamazoo. They were running Chaos Deamons and Chaos Marines. Mike had the Deamons and had tow heralds of Tzeentch on chariots, 3 Flamers, two squads of pink horrors,, one with the Changeling, and two Soul Grinders. Mark had the Chaos Space Marines with Kharn, 10 chosen, 9 berzerkers, 6 plague marines, and 2 obliterators.

This battle used the spearhead deployment with one objective scattering from the center of each of the non-deployment quaters. The primary objective was Victory points, needing at least 200 more to win. The objectives were the secondary mission, and he tertiary was who had the most surviving HQ units at the end.

This game was downright bloody with both sides seemingly throwing haymakers and turning the tide of the battle with every turn. In the end we had a technical draw on the Victory points, though Nate and I were up by 145pts. they managed to win the secondary though by having one unit of Horrors that came in late sitting on one of the objectives (these, one herald and a rhino were all they had left!) We had a draw for the tertiary as we still had Mephiston up and running (he and one ASM with a melta, a chaplain and a sanguinary priest were all we had left!)

All in all we took a paltry 7th out of 8 teams, but we had three really hard fought battles and a ton of fun in each. Can't ask for much more from a day of gaming. Next time we'll have to see what we can do with lists not written the night before so we can actually play test with them a bit!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Team Tournament Today

So the Barn is holding a team tournament today. The teams each consist of 2 players with 1000 points each.
I am teaming up with Nate and we are taking our Blood Angels out to play. We both have been very busy leading up to the tournament so last night was the first time we had a chance to get together and work on our lists. Since we didn't have any chance to playtest, or to make any new models we might need, we decided to go with things we already have and go for a straight-forward, punch you in the face kind of list.

So anyways, heres our lists:

Astorath the Grim

Death Company, 1x b.gun and PF, 2x pistol and P.W. 1x CCW and P.W., 2x CCW and B.P, 2x CCW, and Bolter, in drop pod with locator beacon

Assualt Squad, 10 man, 2x meltaguns, power fist

Death Company Dreadnought with Blood Talons, Drop Pod with locator beacon



Death Company, 1x b. gun and PF, 1x pistol and PW, 1x CCW and PW, 2x bolter and CCW, 2x pistol
and CCW, in Drop Pod with locator beacon

Assualt Squad, 10 man with 2x meltaguns, power weapon and Meltabombs


Sanguinary Priests x2. with jumppacks and power weapons

Anyhow got to get going! Will be posting updates from the tournament (if I can figure out mobile blogging anyhow!). Wish me luck!