Saturday, October 9, 2010

Team Tournament Today

So the Barn is holding a team tournament today. The teams each consist of 2 players with 1000 points each.
I am teaming up with Nate and we are taking our Blood Angels out to play. We both have been very busy leading up to the tournament so last night was the first time we had a chance to get together and work on our lists. Since we didn't have any chance to playtest, or to make any new models we might need, we decided to go with things we already have and go for a straight-forward, punch you in the face kind of list.

So anyways, heres our lists:

Astorath the Grim

Death Company, 1x b.gun and PF, 2x pistol and P.W. 1x CCW and P.W., 2x CCW and B.P, 2x CCW, and Bolter, in drop pod with locator beacon

Assualt Squad, 10 man, 2x meltaguns, power fist

Death Company Dreadnought with Blood Talons, Drop Pod with locator beacon



Death Company, 1x b. gun and PF, 1x pistol and PW, 1x CCW and PW, 2x bolter and CCW, 2x pistol
and CCW, in Drop Pod with locator beacon

Assualt Squad, 10 man with 2x meltaguns, power weapon and Meltabombs


Sanguinary Priests x2. with jumppacks and power weapons

Anyhow got to get going! Will be posting updates from the tournament (if I can figure out mobile blogging anyhow!). Wish me luck!

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