Monday, December 27, 2010

My Ancient Nemesis: Tournament Report Game 2

Game 2 saw me squared off against my ancient 40k nemesis, the Space Wolves. When I started playing in 3rd ed. my buddy who got me into the game had Space Wolves and whooped my poor Eldar with them soundly. By the time I had learned enough to possibly put up a good fight against them he had gotten into Chaos and had sold off his Wolves to help fund his new army. Fast forward to today and my record is still atrocious against them. I have won some games here and there, but after my initial run against them every victory feels just a bit sweeter than against any other army.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Tournament Win!

So as the title says I got my first tournament win this past weekend when the Barn held a 1500 point event. I brought my DoA (Descent of Angels) Knights of Blood with me and they put me on their jumppacks and carried me to victory!

 I am working on writing up a full tournament report that will include army lists and batreps of each game. It's taking a bit of time though so I just wanted to throw something out there while I work on it. Unfortunately I left my camera in the truck most of the day so I only have a few pics of some of the painting contest armies, but none from any of my games :(.

Anyway, more to come...