Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Tournament Win!

So as the title says I got my first tournament win this past weekend when the Barn held a 1500 point event. I brought my DoA (Descent of Angels) Knights of Blood with me and they put me on their jumppacks and carried me to victory!

 I am working on writing up a full tournament report that will include army lists and batreps of each game. It's taking a bit of time though so I just wanted to throw something out there while I work on it. Unfortunately I left my camera in the truck most of the day so I only have a few pics of some of the painting contest armies, but none from any of my games :(.

Anyway, more to come...


  1. Congratz man! Did you do well in the painting competition aswell?

  2. TKE: Thanks!

    Aleksi: Thanks. Alas, I did not participate in the painting competition. The tourney did not require armies to be fully painted and my Knights of Blood are still a work in progress.