Thursday, July 19, 2012

A bit of a retraction. It's not all Doom and Gloom.

"Against the Alien and the Traitor there is no fair way to fight"

So as you may have noticed I had a bit of a blow up the other day. I had had a pretty rough game that night. It was in fact one of several bad that I've had since the beginning of 6th. I was feeling very frustrated and just needed to rant and let off some steam, and quite frankly, my fiancee just doesn't want to hear it.

I may have gone too far in saying (with pictures) that 6th is shit. It's not. There are aspects of it that I don't like. In fact I really can't stand certain aspects of it. The flip side though is that there are things that I really do like.  For instance I like the inclusion of allies. I like many of the movement changes (except the transport rules, those suck IMHO.) I like snap fire and overwatch. I like Flyers and flying monstrous creatures (though we really do need some more of them and some more skyfire, but that will come with time.)

Really though I guess it's just different and I'm having trouble adapting to the changes. I had another game tonight. This time I brought out my Eldar with a small contingent of Grey Knight allies. I faced off against Imperial Guard. I had a very fun time this game. I had to call it early as I had a meeting scheduled, but the point is that I can have fun in this edition. If I can have fun in one game then I can have fun in more. Its just going to take some time to adjust.

I'm sure in a short time I'll be in the full swing of things and will look back at my last post and laugh at what an idiot I was. Or at least I hope so!

Till next time....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My opinion of 6th edition after 11 games.

So after 11 games I've come to the conclusion that


Now I know that's a pretty harsh comparison so early on in the editions lifespan, but I'm fairly comfortable making it. I will admit that there are aspects of the game I do like. Some of them I would go so far as to say I really like them. However, the aspects of the game I don't like seem to far outweigh the ones that I do. After 11 games I  can honestly say that I got red in the face mad and wanted to rage-quit the game after 7 of them. How is that fun? 

After tonight's game I did rage-quit. Will it stick? I don't know. Probably not. The problem is that I have made friends playing this game and I don't want to risk not hanging out with them anymore. I also still really love the 40k background, both in the rule books and the Black Library books. So do I continue to play a game I think is terrible to hang with friends, hoping against hope that my opinion of the game changes? That's what I'll probably do, but the prospect of ever liking this edition seems pretty bleak right now. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

6th Edition: Initial Thoughts Two Games In

So I posted these thoughts up on The 11th Company forums and then thought to myself, "I should make that a blog post!' So I will.

First up my list of initial gripes.

Mysterious Forests, Rivers (terrain in general), and Mysterious Objectives suck. I want the game to be against my opponent and not against the table itself!

It sucks they kept Kill points (even though they called it something different)

First Blood is waaayyyy too easy to achieve.

Lack of Skyfire for non-Imperials is depressing.

Not being able to assault out of reserves is stupid.

Not being able to assault out of a vehicle at all is stupid.

Random Charge Length sucks (not as bad as I feared, but still...)

Wound allocation is unwieldy and slow. Old version was too so this is kind of a wash, but I was hoping for an improvement not just some weird change.

That's about it for the initial Gripes. Now on to the stuff I like.

Hammer of Wrath

Toughness boost from bikes being permanent for Instant Death and other things.

Allies. I feared this at first, but after reading the actual rules and the FAQ's that help to tone it down I really like it. It should help to shake up the meta and will hopefully see the end of the netlist as their will now be sooo many options available to players.

Snapshot is Great.

So is overwatch.

Real Fliers will bring a whole new dimension to the game (gonna one out for the first time tonight!)

Improved Rapid Fire is long overdue!

Flying Monstrous Creatures are downright scary!

Focus Fire is cool.

And I'm adding one just for the Blog. Movement by model instead of by unit is great. I love that you can now move your bolter guys around and still fire your heavy weapon if he didn't actually move!

Well those are some of my initial thoughs. My two games so far have been fun and I really do like the new edition overall. It still feels like 40k but it feels fresh and exciting again in a way it hasn't for quite awhile. Only time will really tell, but those are some of my early observations.