Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thinking about Eldar

So I have really been starting to miss playing my Eldar. They were my first army in 40k and are still my favorite. Unfortunately they have just fallen so far behind the competetive curve in 5th edition. With most of my focus over the past few months being on tournament play I have pretty much shelved them in favor of my Knights of Blood. This wasn't really my intention, it just kind of worked out that way.

So, anyway that brings us to today. I am planning on attending a small tournament this weekend. I have been planning on bringing my Knights of Blood. I don't know that the hybrid list I have been running lately is fully tweaked in and ready for tournament play yet. And I don't think I have enough practice games in with it, but it's close. It's a fun list for sure and I think I stand a decent chance of winning some games with it. But I don't think I could really get to the top tables with it and really compete for the prizes.

I could always run my DoA list. I am well versed in how that works and am quite comfortable with how it plays. The problem with this was that I feel that DoA was a barely competitve list before the release of the Grey Knights Codex. They had some matchup problems, but with clever tactics and a bit of luck they could be overcome. The very same things that help Grey Knights against Daemons hurt DoA armies, in many ways they are even worse. Warp Quake is an absolute killer! Daemons at least have a chance of going first so they get their first wave in before the Grey Knights can get it up and running. Force weapons mean a whole lot more to Assualt Marines than they do to Daemons with their invulnerable saves. Anyway, I don't want to rant about Grey Knights so I'll stop there, but suffice it to say that I think they really hurt the DoA style of army sufficiently enough, and will be in attendance in most/all tournaments from here on out (especially since painting isn't required for this tourney!) that the DoA needs to be reserved for 'just for fun' games from here on out. Much like the Eldar.

So that brings me back to the original point of the post. My Eldar. I am really thinking about pulling them out of mothballs for a run at this tournament. It kind of makes sense. I don't have a build currently that I feel is competitive, and I want to get them out and onto the table top anyway. So why not? Well other than the fact I won't even be able to get in one practice game with them before Saturday, and I haven't played them since around the semi-finals of 'Ard Boys last year.

I think maybe I'll play around with some lists for both the Eldar and my Knights of Blood and just see what I like most the morning of the tournament!

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