Thursday, June 30, 2011

And So Begins My Foray Into Dark Eldar

I have been wanting to build a Dark Eldar army since the release of the Codex, but have been so focused on my Knights of Blood that I haven't had time for anything else. However at Adepticon I picked up several kits to get me started and they've been sitting in the basement collecting dust ever since. I was at the local hobby shop the other day and on a whim I grabbed this bad boy off the shelf. I hadn't even been planning on running one in all of the army lists I had been toying with, but the model is just so sweet looking I had to have one! Since I am planning on running two Ravagers, some Reavers with heat lances and a bunch of Raiders I figure I have enough anti-tank so I have equipped this with a full anti-infantry load out. I have chosen to go with Disintegrator Cannons in favor of Dark Lances (both options have been magnetized in case I change my mind later.) The Splinter Rifles have been upgraded to a Splinter Cannon and I have given it a full load of four Shattershard Missiles. 

I will be posting plenty of WIP pics and army updates as I go.

Should be fun!

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