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After Action Report: Game Links Tournament part II

Alright, so this is part two of my recap of the tournament I attended this past weekend at Game Links in Fowlerville, MI. If you haven't read part one yet you can check it out here

Now lets dive into game two. This game was once again against Space Wolves. I feel terrible, but I can't remember my opponents name. I think it was Luke, but could easily be wrong, (if you read this and I do have your name wrong please forgive and correct me and I'll fix it!)

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His list was completely different that my previous opponents, an all Drop Pod army!
It looked something like this (I don't have a copy of his list so will be doing this mostly from memory and the pics)

Rune Priest in terminator armour with Jaws and something?
Rune Priest in terminator armour with something and something?
Wolf guard Squad, 5x wolfguard in terminator armour, 1 powerfist, 1 cyclone missile launcher in Pod
4x Grey Hunters in pods with melta gun, power weapon and mark of the wulfen
2x Venerable Dreads with Multi-melta in Pods
The Rune Priests each joined up with one of the Grey Hunter packs.

The objectives for this mission were Battlefield Control for the Primary. The player that controls the most table quarters at the end of the game. Players must have a scoring unit and no enemy units in a quarter to control it.

The Secondary was Lead by Example. Have an HQ model within 6" of the tactical marker in the center of the table.
The Tertiary was Annihilation. The player with the most kill points. Must win by at least 5 kill points to achieve this objective.
The mission used the Spearhead Deployment

I won the roll for 1st turn and elected to take it. I really like the table quarter with the building on it and wanted to make sure he wasn't able to deny it to me. I also wanted a chance to get my smoke launchers off before he dropped in! I deployed one unit of Devastators in the top of the building, and the other up on top of a hill. From these vantage points I would have pretty good lines of fire to most of the battlefield. I then put the Death company in their Razorback in the ruins of the building. The assault squads Razorback was deployed outside of the ruins back to back with the Death co. Razorback. The Devs rides and the Baal Predator Castled up behind the hill the Devs were deployed on. I kept the Assault Squads in reserve, one with the Librarian and a Priest was deepstriking and the other with just a Priest was to come on using normal reserves from my board edge. Luke failed to seize the initiative and I took my first turn. All in all, I popped smoke and prepared for his initial drop.

For his initial drop he selected one of his Venerable Dreadnoughts which landed nearly spot on. He disembarked and stunned one of my Razorbacks. Right in between the hill and the ruined building he landed a Grey Hunter Pack with a Rune Priest. These guys failed to damage the other Razorback behind the hill. On the outside of the building he dropped down the Wolfguard. I think they scattered a fair distance from where he wanted them. They got out took aim at my Assault squads Razorback, but failed to damage it. Finally he dropped in a Grey Hunter pack in the table quarter opposite my deployment zone and began running them to try to hold that quarter.
This was taken after my 2nd turn. You can still see where all of his pods landed, though many are destroyed by this point! He was in the process of dropping in the rest while I snapped the photo if you were wondering why they are all out already.

In my second turn I got in the Assault squad that was coming in from regular reserves, but not the deepstriking one. I opted not to re-roll the die. I moved the assault squad on and prepared to engage the Wolf Guard. The Assault squad stayed in their Razorback and began moving out to control the other table quarter on my side of the table. Their Razorback managed to wreck the Wolfguards Drop Pod. The Baal Predator moved up and wrecked the Venerable Dreadnought. The Devastators in the building wrecked the Grey Hunters Drop Pod while the Devs on the Hill wrecked the Ven Dreads Pod. Meanwhile the Death Company disembarked from their Razorback and moved up to assault the Grey Hunter Squad. In assault the Death Company won combat, managing to kill all but two of the Grey Hunters. The Rune Priest managed to kill the Chaplain, but was then killed in return by the Powerfist. The remaining Grey Hunters failed morale, but were caught in a sweeping advance and passed their 'no retreat saves. Meanwhile the Assault Squad engaged the Wofguard killing three. One of the Wolfguard killed one of my marines, but the other failed to kill the Sanguinary Priest. He passed morale and we piled in.
Also taken after second turn.
 In his second turn he got in the rest of his army. The other Ven Dread dropped not far from where the first did. Looking to get revenge for its fallen brother it managed to explode the Baal Predator. The other Grey Hunter squad being accompanied by a Rune Priest landed smack in the center of the table.  The Rune Priest attempted to use Jaws on the devs in the ruins but both models touched by the line managed to pass their initiative test. The final Grey Hunter Squad landed in the unoccupied table quarter on his side of the table. The Grey Hunter pack in his deployment zone continued to move back. Nothing else happened in his shooting phase so we moved on to the assault phase where the Assault squad finished off his Wolf Guard. Meanwhile the Death company killed off the rest of the Grey Hunters and consolidated towards the newly arrived Drop Pods.

Probably still during his second drop. But hey, it's a totally different angle!

In my third turn I got in my other Assault Squad they landed in his deployment zone and used their melta guns to explode the Grey Hunters Drop Pod. The other assault squad moved up towards the Grey Hunters in the center of the table. The Death Company moved and ran towards the newly arrived Pods. In shooting I managed to take off the CCW on the Ven Dread. I chose that over the Multi-melta so that if the Death co. got in combat with him they would stand a chance against him. I also managed to explode the drop pod in the center of the table with my razorbacks. Both Dev squads and the assault squad opened fire on his Grey Hunters in the middle of the table but between some poor rolling on my part and some good saves on his managed to do nothing.

There were no assault so I passed the turn to him. His Ven Dread moved towards my Death Company, but failed to get into assault range. His Grey Hunters in his deployment zone moved towards his table edge, away from my Assault Squad. The Grey Hunters in the center of the table moved up to engage my assault squad. In shooting he killed one of my assault marines with his Grey Hunters. I don't believe he managed any thing else. In assault his Grey Hunters charged my assault squad, but barely due to a poor terrain role so I got to decide where most of the models were engaged and I put my Sergeant with a power fist in base to base with his Rune Priest. I won combat, and killed his Rune Priest, but I took heavy casualties and also lost my Sanguinary Priest in the exchange. He then failed his 'no retreat' saves and I consolidated into the rocks.
My turn four I moved the Librarians squad up towards the Grey Hunters in his deployment zone. The assault squad in the center of the table held  their position. The Death company moved up and punched out one of the Drop Pods. The razorbacks and devs meanwhile took shots at the Ven Dread and I believed they stunned it, but it could have been immobilized. Either way the Death co. was spared it's wrath!

In his turn 4 the Grey Hunters in his deployment zone moved up and assaulted the Librarians assault squad. They killed the Librarian, but no one else meanwhile I only managed to kill two Grey Hunters in return and combat was drawn. His other Grey Hunter squad moved up and unleashed hell on the two remaining Death Company and wiped them out.  In my turn 5 I won combat against his Grey Hunters and they began falling back. I managed to keep within 6" of them so I could escort them off the table. Everything else shot at the other Grey Hunter squad, killing a few, but not enough to break them or wipe them out. I also disembarked the assault squad from it's Razorback and began moving the transport up to contest the quarter his final Grey Hunter squad was in.
In his turn 5 the Grey Hunter squad continued to fall back. The other one was out of range to do much as was the Ven Dread. We were just about out of time for the round so called it a game at this point. I won both the Primary and Tertiary, but with no HQ models left on either side no one got the Secondary. I also managed to pick up all 3 of the bonus points for killing a multi-wound model, having half my units left and for killing one of his vehicles.

This was a fun game, but was really never in too much doubt. If you go back to last years 'Ard boys I played a drop pod army for that so had a pretty good idea how to defend against it. My dice were also on fire most of the game. Luke's army was fully painted, which was refreshing as it was not a requirement for the tournament. I had never seen gold Space Wolves before, but thought they looked pretty good!  So having redeemed my earlier loss to the Sons of Russ I looked forward to seeing who my third opponent would be.

Once again I remembered more than I thought I would and this is running long so I will be finishing up in another post. Look for part III in a day or so where I will recap my game against...                       

Yes, Necrons.

Until then...

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