Sunday, April 17, 2011

The future of the Knights of Blood

For the last severaly months leading up to Adepticon I have been playing my Knights of Blood army as an almost exclusively Jumppack/Descent of Angels list. It has been a fun time as the list is very fun to play. However, playing the same basic list for such a long time can get a bit stale. So what does this mean for the future of my Knights of Blood?

The Knight of Blood as they were for Adepticon
As anyone who follows this blog (all 14 of you) or who occasionally pops in to look at the pictures I post will know I have over time also assembled and painted up some Razorbacks for the army. So my plan for the future of the army is to start putting those bad boys to good use on the tabletop. I do not however want to go to a fully mechanized army. The answer then is a Hybrid list.

The Razorbacks!

And again from the top.

As you can see I went with the lascannon with twin-linked plasma cannon variant for these guys. This configuration is all the rage on the interwebz these days, and for good reason. Aside from the flexibility this weapons load out provides, having two weapons also adds an extra level of survivability to the vehicle. As you can also see from these pictures I have 3 of them. One is going to be with a five man assualt squad with a flamer. The other two are going to be bought for two squads of Devastators. This allows them to get to good firing positions more quickly for Dawn of War deployments or if I get lousy terrain in my deployment zone. For the most part though the Dev's rides will be there to help add to the ranged fire of the army as well as act as taxis for the assualt marines and death company should their rides get blown out from under them.

Now, we can't just be adding a few Razorbacks to the army and call it good can we? No, I don't think so. I really want to make sure that this army has the feel of a Blood Angels army, so I want to make sure it has some of the signiture units from the codex. To that end I will be running a unit of Death Company in a Razorback. I will be equipping one of them with a bolt pistol and power weapon, one with a bolter and powerfist, and the other three will all have bolters and chainswords. They will also be accompanied by a Chaplain to make them even more potent in close combat.

The Death Company

What Death Company is complete without a Chaplain to lead them?

The Death Company Razorback with Assualt Cannon
For the Death Company Razorback I have decided to run with an assualt cannon as opposed to the las/plas variant. First off I do really like the assualt cannon variant. If it weren't for the added survivability of the pas/plas variant I would be inclined to have more of these. The extra shots are going to be helpful when facing off against horde armies. The main reason I chose this variant for the Death co's ride is to make it less of a threat in the early rounds of the game.

The other signiture unit I really wanted to get into the army was a Baal predator. I love these things and have wanted to model and paint one up since I started the army. Well at Adepticon I finally got around to buying one and have since gotten this bad boy assembled and painted up. I went with the full dakka load out. Twin- linked assualt cannons, heavy bolter sponson and I even added the storm bolter. This think can throw out up to 12 shots per turn!

I have named this bad boy Supressor.
 As mentioned I will also be adding in some devastators. At the time of this posting I don't have any pictures of the squads, but I currently have them loaded out with 2 missile launchers and one lascannon. The current unit configuration on the internet is to have 4 missile launchers. I do like that combo as well, but I simply don't have that many missile launchers. I also really like to use the sergeants signum to give the lascannon BS5. The BS5 lascannon adds some added reliability when dealing with armor at range.

So as I get this on the tabletops and playtest it all I may end up making some tweaks and changes, but that's where the army stands for now. So here is a pic of the whole thing together (except the 5 man assualt squad which is still a work in progress!)

The new Knights of Blood in all their Glory!


  1. quite interesting aproach, ill be honest here, im all for the DoA playstile rather than the razorspam or hybrid theory (lol) but i also undestand the feeling of wanting to field all your models, and to change playstyles :P so Id say go for it!

  2. Edward, thanks for reading and commenting. The DoA playstyle can make for some really fun games, but it does have some really bad matchups as well. Though I am by no means a top notch player, I do like to try and play competitively. With the bad matchups it already has and the matchup nightmares I see the new Grey Knights giving it up I just feel the added flexibility of the Hybrid list is the way to go.

  3. Very nice, I like the theme of your army, and your units are very well put together.

    Being a new player I can't really comment on your list, but I think it's important to keep having fun with it.

    Oh, and make that 15 followers now...

  4. 16 followers...:)

    I was just doing some google-fu to check out KoB pics, kudo's to you.