Saturday, April 2, 2011

Game Four

This game saw my Knights of Blood pitted against the gribblies of the great devourer.
Joe, my opponent, was a good gjuy who just ran into some bad matchups throughout the day. He was a really fun opponent with a very nice looking army.
I was afraid of this matchup going into the game, as I don't really deal too well with monstrous creatures. Despite that I did manage to squeek out a win. We tied on kill points, tied on objectives in his table half, and I won on objectives in my table half.
This was a fun game that started off with me firmly in control until his swarmlord and winged tyrant hit my army. From that point it was all nids, he just ran out of time.
Well that accounts for my day. A 2-2 record and a ton of fun. Now for some wings, a few libations and then the team tourney tomorrow.
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