Friday, April 1, 2011


Just got in to Chicago for Adepticon tonight. Got myself all checked in, got my swag bag (anyone looking for some Khador Warmachine shit btw?) So now I am hanging out in the hotel room helping my buddy/teammate finish painting the remainder of his 1850 list for the championship event. Fun stuff, but at least the PBR is cold!

Adepticon is to be my first major convention and after seeing the main hall during registration I have to say I am already a bit overwhelmed. It's gonna be nuts when that room is filled! I'm pretty excited though. For my first convention I have given myself a fairly busy schedule. I am playing in the 40k championships tomorrow, and then the team tournament on Saturday. As of yet I have no plans on Sunday, (unless I am fortunate enough to be playing in the finals!) I'm hoping to just get in a couple of pickup games, maybe meet some of the bloggers and podcasters I follow and just generally relax.

So my path here to Adepticon has not been without its perils and rough spots. About a month before the convention one of my teammates broke his hand. This left him unable to paint his army, so he decided to back out of the whole thing. So we were left scrambling to find a new teammate. Fortunately, one of the other gamers at the Barn stepped up and joined the team. As a bonus he has a fully painted Space Marine army. Since we were originally going to do a combo of Space Wolves and Blood Angel successors going with a different chapter wasn't too much of a stretch theme-wise.

Anyway with that crisis averted I had a momentary lapse of reason. After getting my ass handed to me by the new Grey Knights I freaked and decided that my army wasn't good and that I needed to re-write it. At the time I only had about 7 bolt pistol/chainsword Vanguard left to paint to finish the army. Instead I ended up writing a list that included some Death Company, Devastators, and Razorbacks. For this list I would need to finish and re-base the Death Company, assemble and paint a new Dev squad, redo the chapter symbol and paint the turret on one of my Razorbacks and paint up a Chaplain. Absolutely convinced this was the way to go I set to work on all of it. I actually got it all done Tuesday night, but then reconsidered my decision because I would be playing a list I had absolutely zero practice with. So now I was left with one day to finish up those Vanguard and thats on top of all the other stuff I was planning on doing for the team.

In the end I did manage to finish up the Vanguard last night and clear coated them. I have an army I am comfortable with and that I have been playing for months. Here's a quick pic of them with the army list to follow...

1850pts Knights of Blood
Reclusiarch with Jump Pack
Librarian with Jump Pack, Unleash Rage and Fear of the Darkness powers
3x Sanguinary Priests with Jump Packs and Power Weapons
3x 10 man Assualt Squads with 2x melta guns and Sgt. with Power Weapon
1x 10 man Assualt Squad with 2x melta guns and Sgt. with Power Fist
10 man Vanguard Veteran squad with 1x Power Weapon, 2x Storm Shield and Lightning Claw, 1x Bolt Pistol, Chainsword and Melta Bombs, 6x Bolt Pistol and Chainswords

Anyway, it's late and there's still a little work left on my teammates army. For anyone who is attending, Good Luck and I'll see ya at the tables!

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