Monday, May 2, 2011

Video Battle Report: Knights of Blood vs. Orks

So I got in a few games this past Friday night at the Battlebarn and was able to get them recorded for some battle reports. This first one is against Jesse and his Orks. Now I know that all of my batreps thus far have been against Orks, but this one is different. My friend Mark is my usual Ork opponent. Jesse runs a very different style of Ork army than Mark. Lots of Battle Wagons is the name of the game here.

Caution: Spoilers after the break!

So in retrospect the only reason I won this game is because of a couple of mistakes on Jesses part. He really had me until he decided to charge the assualt squad with the Grots. I think this was done in fun but it really was a game changer. Without the 5" consolidate move I got after wiping them out on his turn I wouldn't have had the movement neccessary to take out the Big Meks battle wagon nor get to the squad of Lootas later. The only other big thing was him forgetting that my Baal predator was still not destroyed despite having lost all its weapons and being immobilized for most of the game. He simply never got that last damaged result he needed to finish it off and simply forgot. Without those two things he would have beaten me pretty soundly.

This was a fun game throughout and I look forward to our next game where maybe I can sieze the initiative on him! 

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