Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Battle Report: Knights of Blood vs. Imperial Guard

So I am going to try to make these Battle Reports a weekly thing. I am going to try and post one every Monday. I have managed to post one for the last two Mondays running and this one makes three in a row. I have one more already recorded as well.

In this weeks battle report I square off against Dale and his mostly foot Imperial Guard. The battle was a Capture and Control mission with Spearhead Deployment. We played at 1850pts (sort of).

Spoilers after the jump.

It turned out that I was actually running heavy in this game. I didn't realize it until watching the videos afterwards that I was actually using the wrong list. I had a couple of games scheduled that night. One was for 2000pts and included a Reclusiarch with Jump pack that the 1850 list didn't have. I just grabbed the models in my carrying case and threw them on the table without double checking that my army matched my list. In the end it actually hurt me more than it hurt hem, because an assualt squad that would have otherwise had a chance of falling back ended up getting tied up in combat with a squadron of Sentinals all game long.

I feel like a total douche for it, and have apologized to Dale about it.

Also, just in case here is a direct link to my Youtube page:

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