Monday, June 25, 2012

Night Spinner: Finished

Two posts in one day! 

Well awhile back I posted some WIP pics of my first Night Spinner. I finally got around to finishing it up today. Here are a few pics of the finished product. 

Front view

Side view.

Top view and proof that I should probably invest in a light box.

Close up of the Doomweaver. 

So this is the first time I have attempted to paint the cockpit windows. In the past I have painted the pilots and left the window unpainted. Most of them end up falling out at some point or they would get really floppy so I would then glue them down. Not knowing better at the time I used super glue and the window then all fogged up. I decided to give painting the windows a try on this and figure if I liked the effect I would go back (eventually) and paint the rest of the vehicles cockpits the same way. Well, I like it, so it looks like I've gone and created yet more work to add to my overwhelming backlog. 

I guess it's not technically done as I don't have the twin-linked shuriken catapult painted up, but I have a bunch of those laying around so no worries. ;)