Saturday, June 9, 2012

GW Wrapped In Mystery! Ooooh, whatsat? Could it be 6th.

Seriously, it's like a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a sweater vest (thank you Lisa Simpson for that line.)

So 6th is on the way. I'm actually looking forward to it quite a bit. I still have fun playing 5th edition games and would be content to continue playing 5th for some time yet. At the same time the game, away from the table, has gotten a bit stale. It seems like all the tricks have been figured out, all the stones have been turned. Sure, occasionally a new codex comes along and shakes things up for a bit, but after a bit that gets figured out too and then we're back to the status quo. I'm really looking forward to the way this will shake up the game for awhile as we all figure out how things work and how it affects our armies. New tricks, new missions, new everything.

It should be fun. Guess we'll find out more on the 23rd!

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