Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tournament Pics

The Battle Barn hosted it's first tournament of 2012 and man was it a great time. We ended up with 16 players who all came looking for a great time, and it seemed like everyone did just that. We saw a decent mix of armies as we had 2 Blood Angels, 2 Necrons, 3 Space Marines, 2 Imperial Guard, 2 Daemon, 1 Tyranid, 1 Black Templar, 1 Space Wolves, 1 Ork, and 1 Tau.

Blood Angels ended up taking the top spot, with Necrons taking second and Tyranids coming in third. I ended up tying with one of the Daemon armies for best painted and after a re-vote between just our two armies we still ended up with an even split so we ended up sharing the prize.  

I went 1-2 on the day. I won my first game against a young guy with Imperial Guard. I don't think he had ever seen anything like my Death Company army and he just had no idea how to face it. The second game saw me paired up with my buddy Jim. Going into it I would have rather not had to face him as it meant one of us would be out of contention for the top spot, but after the game we had I'm glad we did. We tied on table quarters, kill points and objectives and he ended up edging me out in victory points 1260pts to 1062pts. Truly an epic game! Then in my third game I drew Steve and his Orks. I played Steve at the tournament I went to at Game Links in Flint awhile back and was happy to play him again. Unfortunately I was not to have my vengeance for the thumpin' he put on me last time. My powerfists just didn't seem interested in hitting his killa kanz and by the end of the game all I had left was my scouts. Funny thing, though is that if it had ended on turn 5 I would have won since my scouts were the only unit on the board on an objective and that was the primary. It went to turn 6 though and he was able to move around to take the win. 

All three of my opponents were great. The armies on the day were really good looking and I am quite honored to have mine be considered as one of the two best there! 

Also, as this was sort of the grand finale to our escalation league we had the raffle drawing for two $25 dollar gift certificates to Alpha Omega. Kyle won one and put his towards a Chimera and I won the other using mine towards a box of Devastators.

I want to thank Brian for running a great event! I also want to thank Jarvis and Alpha Omega Coffee and Games for sponsoring both the event and the League! 

Anyway, now onto the Pics. (after the break)

My buddy Jim's Space Wolves

This is the Daemon army I tied with for Best Painted.

The Copper Dragons. You can see more about these guys at Tim's blog here

I that the Masque in the middle there or The Mask? 

Most of the vehicles in this army are scratch built!


  1. Pathfinder friends whined until I agreed to run our game instead of going. Lame eavening and pissed I let them talk me into it.

  2. Nice piscs! I like your buddy's wolves. They look pretty sharp. Those orks have some pretty old school models as well. How did you feel about the terrain in this tourny? From the pics they look a little sparse.

  3. The terrain was ok. I helped to set it up and we were stretched a bit thin, but it's still better than many tournaments I've been to. It would've been great to get a bit more out there, but you have to work with what you've got.

    Finishing up the tables and making more terrain are two of the top projects for the barn this year so it should only get better from here on out!

  4. Not sure if you follow YTTH at all. While I'm hardly Stelek's biggest fan I do like his suggestions for terrain. Link:

  5. Yeah, I read that and listened to his interview on the 11th company podcast. In general it sounds pretty good. I like how the pieces are slightly smaller so you can have more of them, but I think I would like a bit more LOS blocking than he recommends. I can't be sure, but from what it sounds like you can pretty much see anything on the table with anything, it's just a matter of whether it gets a cover save or not. I think that would favor gunline armies a bit too much. Some of us at the barn have been playing with the NOVA's terrain format and that has really spiced up our games quite a bit. The central LOS blocking piece really encourages more movement and seems to us to make for more tactical games. We would have loved to use that at this tourney, we just don't have that much terrain yet. Hopefully next time.

    1. Very cool, I'll have to check out the specifics of the NOVA style terrain. I would like to point out that one of stelek's suggested center pieces would block LOS to for almost everything on the board unless shooting from hill to hill(as I'm sure you heard). Anyways I think they're both good starting points to something more balanced than just throwing terrain down willy nilly.

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    Here's the URL for the article on Whiskey & 40k that details the NOVA terrain setup.