Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hobby Update: Astorath the Grim and Death Company Land Raider

So awhile back I decided that I could do a better paint job than the one I had done on Astorath the Grim, so I threw him in the dip and forgot about the project for months. Now that I am building a Death Company army he becomes a bit of a necessity, so out he came. I previously had problems with his axe head breaking off so I converted up a different one with a bit from the Sanguinary Guard kit. I also did a wings swap for the Sanguinor's wings.

Anyway first heres a picture of the old paint job...

I still think I did pretty good on it, but here's the new one...

Yeah, I like that better, especially the axe.

Next up I decided that I wanted a cool ride for my Death Company. I was originally planning on getting a Storm Raven, but after my overtime was cut it just wasn't in the budget anymore. So instead I cannibalized the Land Raider from my Crimson Fists army. I never really used it even when I did play the fists and never finished the paint job on it. Now I don't generally consider myself to be overly artistic and am pretty proud when I manage to freehand a blood drop or some such without screwing it up. So I have no idea what possessed my to try my hand at something as ambitious as the skull on this thing, but I think it turned out pretty damn good!

The scroll here is almost legible and actually says "Liturgies of Blood. To crush your enemy, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." Sound familiar?

So with the LR done I only have two powerfist guys and one power sword guy to go (being primed as I type this!) and I'll have the army complete up to 1500pts.


  1. Very Nice. I'd probly have to say that the Astorath model is my fav in the BA range. It's good to see somebody using him. Awesome work on the free hand skull as well. Did you draw it out on the model before or just go for it?

  2. Just went for it. When I started I wanted to just do a half a skull on the top, but it turned out to be more like 1/3rd of a skull and didn't look right so I just kept on going down the side. The whole time I was afraid I was going to be re-priming and starting over!