Sunday, January 8, 2012

Escalation League Pics

So the Battle Barn is teaming up with Alpha Omega Coffee and Games to run an Escalation League to kick off the new year. We are starting out at 500pts and will be building by 250pts every two weeks. The league is scheduled to run into March where it will culminate in a 1500pt tournament.

So Friday at the Barn was the first night of the league and I had my camera along to snap a few pics of the armies in attendance. So without further ado...

Christian's Black Templars

Tyler's Tyranids

Tim's Copper Dragons

Reese's Space Wolves

My Knights of Blood 

Jeff's Soul Drinkers

That's a few of the armies we'll be seeing during the league. There are still some people who couldn't make it out for the first night or just didn't quite have their stuff ready but plan on being ready by next week.

As far as the league itself goes it's pretty free form and simple. The idea is more about encouraging people to be using painted armies than anything else. It is participation based. Show up with a painted army of the appropriate points at least once in a given level and you'll get credit for participating. At the end of the league  you'll get raffle tickets for every level in which you participated in for a random prize drawing. That's it! No points system, no reward for win/loss record, its just about playing with painted armies.

Then at the end there will be a 1500pt tournament. There will be rewards for 1st, 2nd and best painted. The tournament will be open to anyone to attend, and all armies must be fully painted and based to participate. However, as this is a culmination of the league, only people who participated in the league will be eligible for the best painted award. 1st and 2nd place are still open to anyone!

All of the prize support is being generously provided by Alpha Omega Coffee and Games in Cedar Springs. If you're in the area I highly recommend stopping in and checking them out. They offer a wide variety of games and systems to play, the coffee is great (white chocolate mocha is my drink of choice!) and the service is top notch!

Anyway that's it for now. More pics to come as the league unfolds.

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