Sunday, February 21, 2010

A few more quick battle updates

Okay so here are a few more updates on a couple of the battles I have had recently. After facing Mikes Daemons I once again went up against Chad's Chaos Space Marines. This time we would be playing at 1,500 pts. I don't recall too many details of this one, but this time the mission was kill points and I ended up winning 7-2. I do recall one highlight of the game was when I gave Chad his 2nd kill point when my own shot from the Fire Prism scattered over my farseer and I failed the invul. save then failed the re-roll and insta-killed him. I was far enough ahead at that point in the game that it was mostly just good for a laugh!

The next week I once again squared off against Mikes Daemons. This battle would also be at 1500pts, and I remember even less about it than most of the others as they are all starting to blur together! I do know that he whooped me good though! A few highlights were when the Changeling forced my Jetbike squad to shoot at my own Vypers! The Seer Council waited all the way to turn 5 before arriving from reserves (that seriously hurt my chances of winning) but when it did show it pwned his Soul Grinder with one thrown singing spear. I have a few ideas for facing daemons in the future (I have a really nasty trick up my sleeve for higher points battles, but don't know if I'll have the units I need to pull it off!) I once again had a blast playing against Mike and look forward to our next battle.

Later that same night I would play against Austin's Daemon Hunters. I knew almost nothing about this army before I played it. I discovered it to be a pretty tough army. The missions was objectives with a secondary objectives of killing the most troops. The battle was hard fought and bloody on both sides, but in the end my greater mobility allowed me to pull out the victory 1 objective to none! Austin was a really tough opponent who taxed my tactical abilities to the max. I look forward to our next battle.

So Saim-Hann can be a very mentally taxing army to play so I decided to take a break and try out something different. I haven't run a footslogging Eldar army in a looooooooooong time. Since Mark and I were planning another battle I figured why not give it a try. After being tabled by Mark it might be a long time before I try it again. I will say that the Avatar was the hero of the battle on my side. He seriously is a CC beast. He single handedly killed Marks Warboss and the unit of boys the Warboss had joined up with. The Pathfinders also performed well. I used to hate Rangers back in 3rd, but now with the pathfinder upgrade available they should be in any foot Eldar army (and maybe some other armies as well)

Finally this past Friday I faced Mikes (a differnt Mike but I don't know their last names to differentiate!) Space Wolves Drop Pod army. This was once again an army that I knew almost nothing about. I learned very quickly though! KILL THE THUNDERWOLVES!!!! That was the resounding lesson I learned. I fared pretty well against the rest of his army, but the Thunderwolves single handedly won him the game. They wiped out my Shining Spears, my Seer Council and one of my jetbike squads! The battle was a really interesting mission with a modified Dawn of War deploymet, modified Random Game Lenth (6 turns guaranteed then roll for a turn 7)and an unknown objective where you rolled for it on turn 4. We ended up with the center of the table being the lone objective with only troops being able to control and nothing being able to contest. His Long Fangs (these are still a nice unit btw) took out the other jetbike squad and with no troops left the best I could hope for was a draw. I killed 3 out of his 4 troops choices and with both of my Fire Prisms still up and running after turn 6 I would have a chance to wipe out his last reamaing troops choice if the game went to turn 7. It didn't though, it ended after turn 6 with him controlling the objective and he also completed the secondary objective of wiping out my HQ. His army is a blast to play against as I have never played against drop pods before. The new Drop Pods are great looking models and Mike did an excellent job of painting them up, and his Thunderwolves conversions are awesome!

Well there it is, a quick update.

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