Saturday, February 6, 2010

A couple really quick Battle Reports

Okay, so I have been dormant on here for a while, but I haven't been that dormant on the tables! It's about time I give an update on some of the battles I have had.

First of all was the battle with my Crimson Fists vs. Marks Orks. Lets just say it was a fun and hard fought battle, but that's all I am going to say about it. I am still working on the video batrep. Part 1 is done and part 2 is about half done. It's going to take awhile yet, but be patient, it's coming!

Next, I have recently moved to 1st shift at work. This has allowed me to get out to check out and join the group SegmentumMichigandus. They have about 15 guys or so who come out and play on friday nights. So far everyone seems pretty cool. They are currenty running an 'Escalation league' where they started at 500pts and built up from there 500pts every month. The purpose was to encourage players to paint their armies so only painted models may be used in league games. Anyway, they do let people join the league late, so I did and I have played three battles out there so far. Each week they have special home brew missions that so far seem pretty cool.

The first was against Chad, an all around nice guy who plays Chaos Space Marines. The mission used the center of the table as the only objective. We placed a building in the center of the table to use as the objective. Only troops could control it, but anything could contest it. The secondary mission objectives were troops. Whoever had the most troops units still alive and kickin' at the end of the battle would achieve the secondary objective. I don't know all of the weapon options he had but his list was something like this:
Chaos Lord with Deamon Sword
Chaos Dreadnought
4 Terminators
2 Chaos Marines squads
My list was as follows:
Farseer, jetbike, spirit stones, fortune, doom, singing spear, runes of warding
3 warlocks, jetbikes, 2x destructor, 1x embolden, 1x singing spear
2x Jetbikes squads, 6 bikes with 2 shuriken cannon upgrades
4x Shining Spears +Exarch with Star Lance and Skilled Rider
Fire Prism with shuriken cannnon
He won the rolloff for 1st turn and passed it to me. I deployed the Seer Council, and the Fire Prism. Everything else was held in reserves. He deployed everything except for the terminators which would arrive via deepstrike.
In turn 1 I just fortuned up the council and took a pot shot at the chaos marines with a focused blast getting a hit and killing a few.
In turn two the rest of my army arrived from reserves! This was not exactly what I had in mind, but oh well! The shining spears and the jetbikes turbo boosted in where they would be safe till I was ready for them. I fortuned up the Council and headed out to engage the enemy. The Fire Prism again took aim at an exposed marine squad, and after a good scatter killed a few.
In his 2nd turn he moved his whole army up and the dread got a crazed result that made it fleet towards the nearest enemy. He actually was able to get to my seer council. He didn't stand much of a chance against a full unit that strikes at str9 against vehicles! but it did manage to survive the 1st round.
In turn 4 the shining spears moved up to help the seer council if necessary while the jetbikes and fire prism continued to shoot at chaos marines. They killed a few more and the marines failed their morale check and ran, being below half str. they wouldn't be regrouping either! In my assault phase I managed to destroy the dread getting an 'explodes' result, but I escaped unharmed from the explosion. In his turn he took aim at the now exposed seer council with everything that could find range. Between his poor rolls, the councils rune armor and fortune the seer council managed to escape it unphased, but the shining spears did lose one model to the vindicator when it scattered enough to hit both units!
In turn 4 the council moved up to engage the vindicator while the fire prism continued to take shots at chaos marines. The jetbikes also added their fire to taking out marines. The council failed to find any weakness in the vindicators armor in shooting, but assault was a whole different story. They survived as once again I managed to roll a destroyed 'explodes' result on the damage table.
In his turn 4 the terminators arrived form deepstrike and got a 'hit' on the scatter die, landing them right in front of the Fire Prism. their combi melta managed to land a hit, knocking the prism cannon off, but failed to destroy the tank. The chaos lord managed to get up close to the objective. He couldn't control it, but would be a tough cookie to remove from it!
In retrospect turn 5 was not so good for me. I failed to realize that their home brewed mission didn't use random game lenght and would instead would end on turn 6! Because of this I turbo-boosted on unit of jetbikes onto the objective. The other one moved up and opened fire on the terminators and due to Chad's unlucky dice I killed two with shuriken fire! The shining spears moved up and assaulted his remaining chaos marine squad while the council took aim at and assaulted the lord. The spears killed a two marines in shooting and 4 in assault but couldn't break the marines morale so combat would continue! Meanwhile the seer council and chaos lord ended with a drawn combat as neither could manage to cause any wounds.
In his turn 5 the terminators took aim at the nearest jetbike squad and finally the dice were in his favor. He killed two and I failed their leadership test. The bikes fell back right into charge range of the terminators and would be wiped out in the ensuing combat! Meanwhile the chaos marines won combat and the shining spear exarch was all that was left. He also failed his leadership test and fell back. In the assault between the lord and the council he rolled a 1 for his deamon sword and took one wound, but still managed to kill a warlock.
It was when we went to roll to see if the game would continue that we learned it wasn't random game length. So we moved on to turn 6 where my fire prism and the remaining jetbike squad finished off the last of the terminators. The council lost another warlock, but finally managed to land a wound on the lord. Once again a drawn combat. In his turn the marines failed to get into charge range of the council due to a poor terrain roll and the lord killed off the final warlock (in total in 2 full turns of combat the lord made 29 attacks and that's with rolling a 1 in one of the rounds!!!) The farseer passed his leadership test and the game ended.
I had one squad of jetbikes on the objective, but his lord was still alive to contest and both of us had one troops selection left alive so the game ended in a draw.
Chad was a very fun player to play against, and I actually liked the homebrew mission. I just wish I would have realised it wasn't random game length as this would have changed my turn 5 tactics and maybe the game [but then maybe maybe not ;)]

Anyways, as I was typing that I ended up remembering it a bit better than expected so I am going to end this post here. I will post the other battles soon!

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