Monday, January 11, 2010

My take on online video battle reports

So after perusing the internet for awhile now watching all the video battle reports I could find, I have come to the conclusion that they are all shit! If anyone reading this has posted VBR's themselves, don't be too offended it's not entirely your fault. Many of them have good video quality. Many are quite fun to watch too. The reason I say they are shit is that they fail to capture what playing the game is actually like. Some show the end of each turn with a list of what died, and for turns 5+ the die roll to see if the game continues. Others show some dice rolls for some of the more dramatic moments in the game. Some do both, but as I said before, none of them capture the true essence of the game. Even this is not always the posters fault. They may be playing in a game store where the game needs to move along for time constraints. Or where they may not be able to set up a camera to record all the action. Sometimes it's simply easy to forget to pick up the camera and record in the heat of battle. So, in my vanity, I have decided to see if I can do better. Each battle report will be longer than most and will therefore be broken down into more easily digestible (and quite frankly Youtube friendly) 10 minute or less clips. I have the first two clips ready and will be posting them next. I had these up before, but I have since gotten rid of the subtitles and have instead added a voice-over track describing the action. I hope this will allow the viewer to pay more attention to the video and spend less time reading. The third is almost ready and will be up shortly after. Unfortunately these do take a fair bit of effort on my part so it may take a few days to then produce the 4th video and so on. If you don't like that, than in the words of my good friend Geoff...
Your mother!

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