Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dire Avengers

Here are a few pics of my Dire Avengers squad. The Exarch (the fancy one with the banner) is equipped with two avenger shuriken catapults doubling his number of shots to four. I also usually give him the exarch power 'bladestorm'. This allows the entire squad to fire one extra shot in a turns shooting phase. The drawback is they cannot shoot at all the next turn while they re-load. Bladestorm has been particularly nasty against Ork boyz so far. Although after the last battle where they lost combat to one Nob and a boy in assault I am considering getting an Exarch with either the Power Weapon/Shimmershield combo, or the Diresword and Shuriken Pistol combo and taking the Defend exarch power as well. Or maybe that is how I will configure my next squad.

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