Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shining Spears results round 1

So had a 1000pt battle against Mark's Orks today. Gave me a chance to give the Shining Spears their first trial run, and I must say I'm impressed. I ran the three man squad I have finished. 2x Shining Spears with 1 Exarch equipped with a Star Lance. I then had an Autarch on a jetbike, equipped with a laser lance and mandiblasters join the unit to give it some extra punch.
Turn one was mostly spent positioning them for their attack run against the warbikes. My jetbike squadrons took some pot-shots at the warbikes with their shuriken cannons to soften them up a bit and killed 3.
Turn two the Spears make their attack run, moving up to the bikes. No shooting at the warbikes this turn as I didn't want them to fail a morale test and run before I could assault them (the Farseer did doom them though.) During the assault phase they charged the bikes with a total of 12 str6 attacks and 3 str8 attacks. At the end of that not a single bike was left alive. I rolled a 3" for consolidation (this would be the death of the Autarch as you are about to see!)
During the Orks 2nd turn Mark moved up his Deff Dread and managed to just barely get into assault range (seriously it was by less than 1/2 of an inch, see how that 3" consolidation move killed the Autarch.) For (I assume) the same reasons I had, he did not shoot at the Spears before assaulting them. During the Assault he directed all of his attacks against the Autarch, (though not before the autarch managed to immobilize him with his haywire grenades) and rolled just a single hit. It turned out to be enough though as the blow caused a wound and the Autarch failed his invulnerable save and was insta-killled. Having lost combat the Spears took a morale test and failed (which is what I was hoping for!) and fell back 10" towards my table edge.
Eldar turn 3 the Spears regrouped.
Eldar turn 4 not much happening here.
Eldar turn 5 the Spears make an attack run on the Warboss. With their greater Initiative and high strength weapons they have no problem finishing off the Warboss (he was already down to 1 wound, but even if he would have still had all 3 they would have killed him since they caused 5 wounds!)

It's only one battle and hardly conclusive, but still, quite an impressive 1st showing!!
To see how the rest of the battle turned out check out the Battle Report on it. (coming soon!)

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