Sunday, November 29, 2009

Orks vs. Eldar 2
Seize Ground Mission with 3 objective counters (little grey barrels)
Spearhead Deployment

Eldar Turn 1: Moved out with the Shining Spears joined by the Autarch and one squad of Jetbikes joined by the Farseer moving to the left and the other jetbike squad and the Wave Serpent splitting to the right. Both jetbike squads fired their shuriken cannons at the warbikes killing three. Wave Serpent too aim at the Zzap guns but failed to hit.
Ork Turn 2: With a mighty bellow of Waagh! the green tide moved forward towards their foe. During the shooting phase the Weird Boy rolls a perils but gets off ‘ere we go power,(I now know we did this wrong, more on that later) Da Hamma kill 2 jetbikes, Da Warbikes kill 5 jetbikes from the Farseers unit. Both units pass morale.

Eldar turn 2: Jetbikes all shot at Zzap guns killing 3 grots and destroying 1 Zzap gun, Shining Spears with the Autarch assault the warbikes and completely wipe the squad out (and people tell me they suck!), however, they roll poorly for their consolidation move and are left dangerously close to the Deff Dread.
Ork turn 2: The Deff Dread, seeing a nearby enemy unit, advances upon the Shining Spears. Da Boyz take shots at the rear hatch of the Wave Serpent with their big shootas, but it's just too tough a nut to crack. During the assault Da Hamma charged the Shining Spears. The Autarch in a desperate gamble swooped in to use his haywire grenades, immobilizing the Orky dreadnaught. His heoric deed cost him dearly as Da Hamma gleefully smashed him into the ground. The Shining Spears, seeing they could not defeat this foe fell back out of close combat.

Eldar turn 3: Having escaped the fury of the Deff Dread the Shining Spears regroup and take stock behind a rock outcrop. The Farseer destroys the Deff Dread with a throw of his singing spear. The Jetbikes kill off the rest of the grots, and destroy Zzap gun. The slaver undaunted fights on. The Dire Avengers disembark from the Wave Serpent and Bladestorm at Da Boyz wounding 20! Da Boyz go to ground and save 3. Assault: Every unit on a jetbike moves a little closer to a marker.

Ork turn 3. THe Mega Nobz move closer to the counter on the hill near the Ork deployment zone. Everything else moves forward and forgoes shooting to run at the Eldar.

Eldar Turn 4: The Farseer and jetbike kill 2 burnas and the wave serpent kills another. The Burnas just shrug about the losses and march on. The Jetbike squadron causes 1 wound on the warboss.

Ork Turn 4: Waaagh!!!! Everything runs at the nearest Eldar unit. The Burnas assault the Farseer and jetbike. The Farseer kills one of the boyz before they tear apart the Jetbike. The Farseer takes two wounds himself but does not run. Da Boyz assault the Dire Avengers and kill 2 while losing 1 in return. Dire Avengers pass morale. Warboss is too slow and just barely falls short of assault range on the Farseer.

Eldar Turn 5: Farseer casts doom on the warboss and the wave serpent wounds him. Jetbikes turbo-boost towards far objective (possible bigtime mistake on my part) Shining spears assault Warboss and kill him. Da Boyz kill one Avenger and they pass ld.
Ork Turn 5: Mega Nobz move forward a bit and fire the Rokkit at the Farseer and miss. Then in assault Da Boyz kill another Avenger. Avengers pass ld.

Mark rolls for additional turns and lands a one. Game ends with Mega Nobz controlling one objective and Eldar controlling none.
Waaagh!!!! Ork Victory.

Another great game!!! I had a blast even though I lost.
Turns out we did a couple things wrong, again. but hey were still learnin'. The Weirdboyz powers should not have worked as I have since learned that it clearly states on page 6 of the rulebook that no stat can be raised above a 10 no matter what! So we were wrong to let him roll against a ld. of 21 (for mob rules) as he would only have counted as having ld10. Oh well, it was still fun and we'll get it right next time. I also think I moved the Shining Spears on the turn that they re-grouped, which they are not suppose to do, but it had no effect on the outcome of that turn let alone the game. I will have to remember that in the future.

So I made a major mistake when I turbo-boosted the jetbikes towards the far objective on turn 5 instead of just moving up to the closer one. I was too caught up in killing Orks and forgot what turn it was until after I had moved the models. Had I been thinking I could have pulled off the draw. As it is I will have to use it as a painful reminder that victory is not always about who kills the most, but who achieves the objective!

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