Sunday, August 28, 2011

And finally some pics from 'Ard Boyz

So since I left my memory card at the store I wasn't able to post pics right away. Since I have gotten it back I've been lazy :)  So anyway, here they are...

First up some pics of a Mawloc with an awesome custom base. Some of the pics it was still in the stores display case so have some reflections. They then took it out so I could get some better ones.

These next two are from early in my first game against Rodney's Space Wolves.

This next one is against John and his Imperial Guard. This was a really close game and was one by his Rough Riders. Who says they suck? ;)

These are from my game against 'Classic' John and his Haemonculi coven Dark Eldar.

The rest are some pics the TO took since he forgot batteries for his camera. I let him pull the pics off my memory card and forgot to get it back which is why all these pics are so late in coming (that and my laziness!) [Please note: I try to make sure there are no faces in any of the pics I take. Since I didn't take these I had no control over it. If anyone in these pics doesn't want their pics on here let me know in the comments and I'll take the pic down]

Hey, there's me packing up my Knights of Blood after my loss to 'Classic John'


  1. Thanks for the pictures, that Mawloc is really cool.

  2. That Mawloc is sweet. I wonder how the base was done.

  3. Yeah, I had to snap some pics of that!