Sunday, September 26, 2010

Painted Death Company Models

So I have been working on my Death Company and thought I would share a few pic's of the ones I have finished. When I first read the codex I had dismissed them. I didn't like the thought of a troops unit that couldn't control objectives. However, I have since reconsidered, and now think of them more as an elites unit that takes up a troops slot. I have been having much more success with the army as a whole since adding them (and Astorath the Grim, that guys a beast!)

The way I have been running them is 2x squads of 8 Death Company with 1x power fist and boltgun, 1x power weapon and bolt pistol, 1x power weapon and chainsword, 3x Bolter and Chainsword and 2x bolt pistol and chainsword. I then attach each squad to a Chaplain and put 'em in a drop pod and throw them into the midst of the opponents army. It isn't always successful, but it's usually pretty fun, and two squads that are that killy have to be dealt with allowing the rest of my force to move up pretty much unmolested.

The addition of the bolters gives them a little more to do on the turn they drop and helps thin down large units like guants or ork boys a bit before charging. It also takes advantage of the fact that the DC are relentless. They also allow me to take a Death Company Dreadnought with Blood Talons and those are just plain win (except against Soul Grinders as I found out the other night.)

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