Saturday, May 8, 2010


I just saw the scenarios for the upcoming 'Ard Boyz and what the fuck!? The third mission is completely out of whack. It's called 'Kill da Fast Ones'. It uses a modified kill points system that awards 3 points for any unit that can move over 6" in a single phase of the game. That's my whole army! So even if I am in contention after the 1st two battles, unless I get lucky and run into another super fast army, I am going to be seriously handicapped. I guess it's time to go all Reecius (sp?) and bust out the footdar lists again. Then again, probably not! I will just have to adapt and overcome. Still pisses me off that my actual army is going to be that big of a handicap in a tournament. Not the list, not how I use it, but just the fact that my whole army is fast!


  1. I'm not attending 'Ard Boyz, so I haven't paid any attention... but that DOES suck for us Eldar players. I wonder if the idea behind it was to discourage razorback spamming Blood Angels lists...

  2. It actually didn't turn out that bad. With most of the armies being mechanized most people were in a similar boat and Mech Guard was probably hurt the most. Deamons and Tyranids on the other hand really benefited from it. Between the two tyranid armies and the one deamons army at my tourney there was probably fewer kill points combined that either of the two fully mechanized imp guard lists! And the battle for 1st had the Deamons going up against one of the Mech Guard lists!